Starting a Claim for a Dog Attack with a Lawyer in Royse City, TX

In Texas, pet owners are required to take measures to prevent injuries due to their pets. These measures must prevent the animal from accessing areas in which individuals must go to perform services. They must also prevent accidents when they have visitors inside their homes. A lawyer in Royse City, TX provides assistance for victims who are attacked by dogs.

Identifying a Strict Liability

A strict liability occurs when the pet owner knew the animal was dangerous. Pet owners who are aware of previous attacks by their animal must take precautions to prevent further incidents. Any failure to prevent these occurrences leads to the repercussions of a strict liability. These repercussions indicate that the pet owner must pay all medical expenses for the victim along with payment for pain and suffering.

Seeking Care for Injuries and Gathering Evidence

The victim must seek medical assistance after they are attacked. The records of their diagnosis and treatment present a clear picture of the impact of the attack and they must be included in the claim. It shows that their injuries are connected and consistent with a dog attack.

Assessing the Risk to the Public

After the dog attack is reported, the animal control officer may issue a quarantine requirement for the animal, which orders the owner to bring the animal to a licensed vet for a full assessment. The assessment evaluates potential aggressive behaviors and determines if the animal may have rabies. These requirements last up to twelve days. The vet informs the animal control officer if the pet is a danger to the public.

Legal Entry into or Around the Property

The victim must prove that they had the legal right to enter the property. Trespassing is a crime and doesn’t constitute the lawful entry. Any victim that is found guilty of trespassing cannot acquire an award for their claim.

In Texas, pet owners must prevent injuries when individuals visit their property. If a visit sustains an injury, they are liable for their medical expenses. Dog owners must take precautions to prevent injuries when the animal has attacked a human previously. Victims who need assistance from a lawyer in Royse City, TX should contact the Law Offices of Tim Hartley or visit the website today.

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