Strategies for Avoiding Skin Irritation After Wax Service in Maui

Wax service in Maui is useful for both men and women for removing unwanted hair from areas such as the legs and back. Although it is very effective, the person must be patient over several weeks and willing to have occasional waxing treatments in the future. Routine treatments provide best results because the waxing can then tackle all stages of the hair growth cycle. One wax will leave behind some very short hairs that were in an earlier stage of growth since the adhesive material cannot grab those tiny hairs. Patience is essential, and that means not shaving or pulling out stray hairs that remain or grow in. If the client wants to eliminate lower leg hair, for instance, putting up with some leg hair will be required until two or three more waxing sessions resolve the problem. The person may want to schedule the first session at a time when long pants or skirts can be worn for the next month or two.

After treatment at a facility such as The Skin Center, following certain guidelines for the next two days will minimize any lingering discomfort from the process. Wearing loose clothing or not covering the treated area will prevent irritation from tighter fitting garments. Nylon stockings or tight blue jeans, for instance, should not be worn soon after a waxing. If the area feels itchy, the person should avoid scratching it. Applying some soothing lotion can help.

Taking a walk or a relatively slow bike ride is OK, but vigorous exercise should be avoided for 48 hours. Swimming in a pool is best put off until later because chlorine can irritate the treated skin. Hot water on the skin where Wax Service in Maui was provided also should be avoided, and that includes not only sitting in a hot tub but taking a hot bath or shower. A warm shower is acceptable. All it takes is a bit of patience to enjoy and show off smooth, hair-free skin for much longer than would be the case with shaving or using hair removal cream.

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