What To Find Out Before Choosing Docker Hosting Services

Most of the hosting services catering to business and enterprise types of clients are now offering Docker hosting services. Since Docker is seen as the best option for increasing the performance and efficiency of everything from apps to website, utilizing Docker containers is a natural step in enhancing the end-user experience.

Just as there are different factors to consider when choosing a web hosting service, it is just as critical to take your time to learn as much as possible about the differences in Docker hosting services. Not all are the same and there are several considerations to make when comparing the different options.

Is it Scalable

Many hosting services that cater to businesses and enterprise solutions feature scalability in all of their packages and plans. Docker itself, with its use of containers, is very scalable. Choosing a hosting service that matches this scalability and provides the opportunity to start with perhaps cloud-based Docker and then moving to a dedicated service as your needs increase is the most cost-effective for many businesses.

Space to Create Clone Containers

Ideally, with any Docker hosting services, you will need to consider the ability to have the capacity to clone Docker containers. This allows you to “test run” all updates or new additions to the system without impacting the current system.

Most of the top hosting services will have the capacity for multiple containers operating at the same time. It is important to verify that this option is available, particularly if the business will be generating new apps and websites and testing before deployment is considered important.

With a top hosting service, you will have support from the technical team for all your Docker questions. This can be instrumental in streamlining the process of getting the containers configured and operating efficiently on their hosted service.

As one of the premier Docker hosting services, RedSwitches offers the technical support, custom solutions and Docker services you need. To learn more see us at www.redswitches.com.

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