Tennis Court Installation in Guilford CT for Senior Citizens Helps Them Maintain Health and Fitness

When a couple reaches retirement age and decides to have their dream home built in the location they’ve always wanted to move to, they have many possible features to consider including. Some individuals might think that Tennis court installation in Guilford, CT is a bit extravagant, but this couple understands that tennis is an excellent activity for older individuals and offers significant health benefits. In fact, the U.S. National Institutes of Health has published articles praising this form of exercise for senior citizens.

Golf is often recommended as an ideal exercise activity for seniors, but the vast majority of people cannot afford their own private golf course. Tennis court installation in Guilford, CT offers a more reasonably priced alternative. Not everyone is able to participate in rigorous competitions of singles tennis, but a friendly game between two people is suitable for many individuals. Many people simply enjoy batting the ball back and forth without turning the activity into a competition. Doubles tennis is easier on the joints and muscles, since it doesn’t require as much movement around the court.

Exercise is important for maintaining cardiovascular health as well as flexibility, coordination and muscle strength. Tennis has the additional advantage of being a weight-bearing exercise, so it helps prevent osteoporosis. That disease, which causes loss of bone density, is especially prevalent among women after menopause. Walking and doing other exercises on their feet encourages bone to generate new cells and maintain its healthy density.

Seniors with adult children and grandchildren will appreciate their enthusiasm for the sport as well. Those family members will enjoy the opportunity to play in a private setting without having to wait for court time. Even kids of grade school age can have fun playing tennis as they learn the sport and sharpen their skills. A contractor such as Atwater Paving can construct the type of court that’s best for the entire family. They’ll use asphalt, clay or concrete, depending on the instructions of the customer. When customers aren’t sure which material is best, they can consult with the contractor and make an informed decision.

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