The Advantages Of Automated Meter Reading For Submetered Systems

In most areas of the country, including in more rural locations across the United States, large utility companies have moved from standard water meters that require manual reading to the use of the “smart meter.”

These types of meters provide automated meter reading that saves both the utility as well as the property owner money. They transmit accurate usage data for billing, meaning no more estimates that make it difficult to budget for monthly bills. For the utility company, they also eliminate the need to hire meter readers, provide vehicles and fuel and also deal with complaints by customers of inaccuracies in the readings.

For submetered systems in apartments and other types of commercial properties, the same automated meter reading technology can be used. In these applications, there are additional benefits for both the landlord and the tenants that should be highlighted.

Marketing and Rental Advantages

For landlords of any property, letting prospective tenants know they will have their utility meter and a bill is a big marketing and sales advantage. People can have greater control over their bill by using water conservation strategies that help to reduce their bill regardless of what others in the building may do.

Greater Monitoring

With the use of automated meter reading and real-time data access for landlords, any irregular readings can be flagged and checked. For example, if there is water use in a vacant unit, the landlord can check for broken pipes, faucets left on or even illegal use.

Additionally, for occupied units, if sudden spikes in water use occur, it is easy to check to verify a break in a water line isn’t causing the problem. This allows for early detection and repair of the problem, often before the leak has caused any damage.

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