Steps To Install A Water Meter

For building and property owners moving from bill splitting between occupants or tenants to using submeters, it will be important to hire a qualified, professional service to complete the job.

When general plumbing companies or other services are used to install a water meter, there is a greater risk of an incorrect installation, configuration or testing of the system that can lead to costly repairs, leaks and even incorrect readings on the meters.

Choosing a Meter

Before any company will install a water meter on the system, it is first important to make the best choice in meters. Some companies will only work with one, meter manufacturer while other companies will work with the top meter companies.

Ideally, having options in water meters provides your business or property with more flexibility and the choice to meet your water metering requirements as well as your budget.

Prep Work and Installation

With any professional service, the steps to install a water meter will include preparing the meter as well as the installation location. This will be a slightly different process if the new meter is replacing an existing outdated meter or if it is a new installation. Taking the time to measure, clean and prep both the meter and the pipes will ensure a correct and leak-free service.

Different meters will have different installation requirements. Not understanding the correct methods to use will result in the potential for problems with the meter or with leaks over time. It can also result in a shorter lifecycle for the meter, requiring replacement earlier than what can reasonably be required.


The last step in the installation will be to test the meter. This ensures there is full water flow through meter as well tests that the meter is sending data as required. Again, depending on the meter and the system in use, this may be sent in real time, or it may just be sent once a day as scheduled.

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