The Advantages Of Boat Storage In Las Vegas

by | Jun 27, 2014 | Mover

Nevada boat owners may be faced with the dilemma of finding the right option for securing their boat during the months in which they don’t intend to use it. Among these choices is local boat storage. If you wish to learn more about Boat Storage in Las Vegas you should Contact Canyon Road Self Storage today.

The Advantages of Storage

First, indoor storage offers a climate-controlled environment. This provides immediate protection from the elements. Oxidation is possible if owners leave the boat outside. Consistent exposure to sunlight, rain, and snow could cause significant damage to the boat’s exterior. If it is exposed for an extended period of time in which it is not in use could cause interior and motor damage. In the winter months, ice will build up on the boat. Cold temperatures, especially those in high altitude locations, can cause detrimental damage. In a storage unit, the temperature is controlled to prevent ice, moisture, and mold. This benefit prevents the need for extensive repairs later on.

Storage also offers a higher level of security. Most options allow the owners to store their boat in units that are secured by electronic code panels. Each owner receives a code in which to enter the unit. Unlike standard options that only have a padlock, these units offer a better form of security. The location is monitored by security personnel via surveillance systems, which detect and deter any attempted break-ins. This prevents any probable vandalism completely. The units are cost-effective. The owner will pay a small monthly fee only. This includes all efforts to keep the boat safe and secure.

Owners who choose Boat Storage in Las Vegas have the option to secure this choice on a month-to-month basis, or they can sign an extended contract. They also have several options to pay these fees that provide an added convenience. Owners receive a clean indoor unit to secure their boat during winter months. The heightened security could reduce insurance requirements as it prevents theft, vandalism, and other potential damage due to exposure. These units also eliminate the probability of high costs.



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