The Atmosphere, Decor and Menu of a Winter Wedding in Frankfort IL

In regions with cold winters such as northeastern Illinois, engaged couples tend to choose summer and early autumn for their nuptials. Some people, however, the dream of the beauty of a Winter Wedding in Frankfort IL. With the possibility of white snow decorating the ground outside and knowing how chilly the temperature probably will be, the couple envisions feeling warm and happy inside the building. A crackling fire in the hearth is welcoming to these newly married persons, their bridal party, and all their guests.

Decorations for a wedding in December, January or February also tend to be quite different than those in the warmer months. In late December, for instance, the couple might want Christmas-themed decor even if they don’t want an evergreen tree and colored lights. Instead, they might choose to have poinsettias and strings of white lights for an elegant look. February might be a good time to use a subtle Valentine’s Day theme with red and white roses, and decorative hearts around the room.

Warm, bold colors tend to be appealing in contrast to the snowy world outside. The couple might shy away from blue and silver since those are considered colder colors that match the look of snow under various lighting styles. Instead, colors in the spectrum such as greens, yellows and golds, and reds to just shy of purple are often recommended by interior designers for rooms that need warm hues.

A Winter Wedding in Frankfort IL typically features different food than the lighter fare provided at warm-weather occasions. People look forward to eating something a bit heartier, even when they’re planning to dance the night away. An establishment such as the Odyssey Country Club is glad to work with engaged couples on menu selections, providing a choice of appetizers, full meals and desserts. Autumn-themed foods and beverages can be enticing during those times when Arctic breezes drift down to the Chicago area. The chef and the staff might offer items such as squash ravioli, zucchini and sausage casserole, pumpkin ale and apple pie. Everyone feels pleasantly satiated as they converse, sip adult beverages and get up on the dance floor.

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