The Benefits of Dental Implant Surgery in Baltimore, MD

One of the primary benefits of having implants is the permanency of the process. When implants are placed, they fuse with the bone and therefore establish a solid restoration. The implants serve as artificial roots to which prosthetics such as crowns are attached.

Therefore, the benefits of dental implants in Baltimore, MD are notably advantageous for anyone who wants a natural-looking restoration that is practical and comfortable. In fact, many dental practitioners believe that the implants are healthy replacements for missing teeth. Because the implants are stable and solid, the new restorations function just as regular teeth do.

Why Implants Are Better Than Dentures

Besides dental implant surgery in Baltimore, MD, you can opt for bridges or dentures. However, these types of prosthetics can cause the bone in the jaw to deteriorate. In addition, these types of restorations can interfere with speaking or chewing. However, dentures and bridges are helpful solutions. They just do not provide the same kind of natural functionality.

As a result, when you opt for dental implant surgery, you are making a choice for a restoration that can last all of your life. While the implants may need adjustments from time to time, they will not need to be replaced if they receive the proper care.

A Cost-Effective Dental Solution

Dental implant surgery is beneficial from both a cost and aesthetic standpoint. When implants are applied, they assist in preserving a patient’s natural facial shape and smile. As noted, implants also safeguard the bone in the jaw. If a jaw is not supporting a natural tooth, it can deteriorate. However, implants actually promote bone growth and therefore prevent bone loss over time. Therefore, if you want to avoid future jawbone problems, it is better to choose implants over dentures or bridges.

In some instances, denture wearers may have trouble speaking. However, when implants are installed, speaking is not an issue. Because implants replace the function of natural teeth, patients can speak without difficulty.

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