Enjoy the Outdoors with Breezesta Adirondack Chairs

It’s time to take control of your outdoor seating situation. Nobody likes sitting on rickety furniture, especially when it comes with the risk of splinters or bugs in the wood. If you enjoy being outside and entertaining your friends in the backyard or on the beach, then you know that having great chairs that are comfortable and will last is important. If you’re ready to upgrade to the best chairs you can buy, then it’s time to visit Breezesta.

Don’t Sacrifice Comfort

Breezesta Adirondack chairs represent the perfect marriage of design and comfort. While many Adirondack chairs look great, they can be uncomfortable to sit in for any period of time, which can cut your time outside short. Breezesta has done an amazing job of keeping the classic straight lines of Adirondack chairs that we all love but making them more comfortable with rounded edges and custom joints to keep the furniture from twisting. You’ll never worry about breaking your Breezesta Adirondack chairs since they have been specially constructed to last for years.

Your Pick of Colors

When you visit a big box store to purchase Adirondack chairs, you are usually only given a few options for color. Brown or black chairs won’t help you highlight your seating area or express your personality. Luckily, Breezesta has 22 different colors that you can choose from. With colors ranging from kiwi to pink lemonade and even sunshine, you are sure to find one that you enjoy. You can even customize your chairs further by using two colors on the frame and slats and rest assured that your Breezesta Adirondack chairs will never chip or fade, as the color pigments are through all the material and not just painted on.

No matter what style of Adirondack chair you choose, from fanback to royale, you are sure to enjoy the comfort and design that Breezesta prides itself on. Call 1-800-357-5044 or visit www.breezestafurniture.com to learn more about why Breezesta Furniture is the best in the business. You can also pay a visit to Facebook page.

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