Fire Sprinkler Inspection and Testing for Illinois Businesses

Many of today’s buildings due to building codes have fire sprinkler systems installed for the protection of human life as well as property. Although a sprinkler system is installed, it still must be checked on a routine basis to ensure it is properly functioning. In order to have these checks made, it is important to utilize the services of the company that performs fire sprinkler inspection. Illinois businesses and organizations that on buildings can have these inspections carried out on a regular basis in order to provide the necessary protection for life and property, and also adhere to state law requirements.

Following the NFPA 13 Standard

Certain our protection standards are in place as issued by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). These standards guide the use and installation of automatic fire sprinkler systems. The NFPA section is often used by municipalities and local authorities to address these issues.

Performance Related to Available Water Supply

An important consideration as it concerns the design and installation of sprinkler systems for emergency fire situations is the quantity of water supply available. The results of fire sprinkler inspection, testing and maintenance of a wet pipe water-based system has connection to the available water supply.

In a hydraulic system, the amount of water supply must be greater than the demand as it relates to peak flow and pressure. A sprinkler system may not have the necessary quantity of water available if the pressure flow is under a certain level.

Routine Testing

The main drain the water supply system should be tested on a routine basis, whether that frequency is yearly or quarterly. If the pressure reducing valves and black flow preventer are the source from which water supply, then quarterly testing may be the preferred option. Testing protocol is covered within NFPA 25.

If you’re going to have your fire sprinkler inspection system checked or maintained, it’s important to have this work carried out by reliable and experienced company that is seasoned in providing inspection services to other businesses and/or organizations. By having the proper inspection done on a routine basis of your fire sprinkler system, you can have confidence that the system will work as designed if a fire emergency occurs.

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