The Convenience of Renting a Dumpster for Combination Trash and Recycling in Long Island, NY

Dumpsters and roll-off containers are available for rent from companies that sort out the trash from the Recycling in Long Island NY. That saves customers the inconvenience of having to take time to do this themselves. They can simply toss everything in the big container sitting on the property and call the company when it’s ready to pick up.


Aluminum and other metal items are worth money at scrap yards, but many people dealing with the task of cleaning out a house don’t have time to sort through everything. The cash they’ll receive for the metal isn’t worth the effort of separating objects and delivering them to a recycling facility.

In addition, there are probably an enormous number of recyclable items in the house that aren’t going to generate cash for the owner. Plastic, glass, paper, and cardboard all can be delivered to a facility for general Recycling in Long Island NY, but it’s done on a volunteer basis.

Large Numbers of Items

Someone might be clearing out a house inherited from a parent who recently passed away and didn’t throw away objects like plastic margarine containers, cracked drinking glasses, or old magazines. There might be any number of old phones, portable radios, and empty water jugs around the place. Boxes of greeting cards that were received over the years may be stashed in an attic or basement. Being able to put all of these things into one big dumpster makes the project move along smoothly and faster.


Many things in and around a property should be removed before putting the place up for sale, but they can be too bulky for convenient transport in a car. Old window frames, storm doors, and tires are just a few examples.

No Need to Find Answers

By renting from a company such as V. Garofalo Carting Inc., nobody in charge of emptying out the building has to worry about whether something is recyclable or not. What about a rusty old barbecue grill or sump pump? Are old plastic containers without any recycling numbers on them classified as garbage? It’s helpful not to ponder these details and, instead, to dump everything together. Someone at the carting company will handle the sorting project.

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