The Field of Pediatrics Covers Infectious Diseases

The care of children includes management of infectious diseases. This area is an especially important pediatric specialty. Caring for children with infectious diseases is an essential component of pediatrics.

What Training Does the Pediatric Specialist Take?

If your child, for example, has a persistent or recurring disease that is caused by a bacterium, virus, parasite or fungus, a pediatric specialist will be consulted to diagnose and treat your child. Pediatric specialists work with children from infancy through their teens. Doctors who specialize in infectious disease have the following credentials:

  • They have graduated from medical school
  • The have completed pediatric residency training
  • They have completed infectious diseases training
  • They have been certified as a pediatric infectious disease specialist

Complex Conditions that Infectious Disease Specialists Handle

Pediatric infectious diseases include a large number of conditions that are related to immune system functioning. Some of the specialists in pediatrics are consulted on more complicated cases. These conditions may be related to:

  • Respiratory infections
  • Tuberculosis or TB
  • Joint and bone infections
  • Meningitis
  • Hepatitis

Where Pediatric Specialists Normally Work

Usually specialists who take care of children with infectious diseases work in large university medical centers, health facilities, or large community hospitals. Some of the specialists also see children in private practice.

Communicating with Children

Because children are growing, some of their conditions have unique care needs. They also express their concerns in a different way than adults. Many times, they cannot answer certain clinical questions, and may not be cooperative. Happily, professionals in the field of pediatrics know how to assess and treat children so they are more cooperative and relaxed. Doctors in this specialty also know one-of-a-kind signs, treatments and symptoms and the prognoses related to infectious disease. These outcomes can indeed be quite different in children than they are in adults.
If your pediatrician believes that your child should be evaluated by a specialist in this field, then, be assured, he or she will receive the best possible care. Doctors who concentrate on infectious diseases have the background needed to work with children both psychologically and clinically. It is important to work with a specialist if you want to ensure the health and well-being of your child.

A Special Area of Care

The pediatric field concentrates on a number of sub-specialties. Therefore, it is also essential to understand the varying care options that are available for children and the innovations that have been made to help children heal. When you work with a health facility that offers services that focus on a child’s care and health, you can be assured that doctors in this area devote their time, energy and resources to achieve the best possible outcome for their young patients.

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