How Much Do Terrazzo Tiles Cost?

Since the 1950s, terrazzo flooring has been a popular choice, which means that many customers are asking what terrazzo tiles cost. This versatile kind of flooring is easy to maintain, clean, comes in many colors, and add value to a home. They are commonly used in both residential and commercial buildings.

Common Cost for Terrazzo Tile

In recent years the cost for terrazzo tile and a professionally done floor has ranged from about $20 to $100 a square foot. It’s not really a good do-it-yourself type of flooring project, but if someone has experience and knows how to do it, it would be much less costly.

If buying terrazzo tiles singly, they come in multiple colors, patterns and styles and usually range about $6 to $20 for a square foot. However, the professional installation of such tiles brings up the cost of the final project. The cost should include laying down the foundation for the flooring, as well as putting in the terrazzo tiles.

What to do when Buying Terrazzo Flooring

In order to get the best deal when you are considering putting in a terrazzo floor, you should opt to get more than one estimate, as well as make sure the installers have the proper training and experience, as well as the right warranties, licenses and bonding.

You can check with your local Better Business Bureau for information. You can also check with associations such as the National Terrazzo & Mosaic Association to get a list of contractors by state.

How is Cost Determined for Terrazzo Tiles?

Terrazzo tiles cost can be directly linked to the materials (i.e. cement, concrete, marble, glass, epoxy, etc.) used in creating the flooring. Some materials and types of terrazzo tiles cost more than others. Plus, tiles cost less than pouring a terrazzo floor because the tiles are premade.

So, if you are considering putting in a new floor and want to know more about terrazzo tiles cost, contact Trend Terrazzo in Miramar, Florida by calling (863) 655-0164.

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