Precision Components Manufacturing – When Failure is Not an Option

If you need machining services, you can turn to a number of machine shops and they can take serve many of your needs. However, when you require precision components manufacturing, failure is not one of your options. You need the most dependable company you can find and here is why.

Engine Components

Creating the right engine parts is essential because many businesses depend on engines for their livelihood. For example, a hospital operating room is in the middle of a delicate procedure. All of a sudden there is a power failure. The engine in their backup generator must perform flawlessly. If not, the patient could die.

The same thing is true for heavy duty engines in ambulance and emergency response vehicles. Should these engines fail due to a design flaw or a manufacturing error, it could trigger a huge disaster.


Every time a large commercial airliner takes off, it is entirely dependent upon its huge jet engines. Precision components manufacturing companies must create parts to a high tolerance and they cannot fail. If a problem were to develop, it could mean an engine failure and perhaps a crash. When serious engine trouble develops at 30,000 feet, there are almost no chances of survival. These parts must be created to exact specifications and have to be free of design flaws.

Medical Devices

Something as simple as a metal plate or screw may not seem like a precision made component. However, each day thousands of titanium screws, plates, pins and other parts are created for bodily implants. In addition, special components which make up artificial joints like knees, elbows and hips must be created to exact specifications. If not, the joint could fail and this could result in a great deal of pain and misery for the user.

Choosing the Right Precision Components Manufacturing Source

When it comes to precision parts, you cannot afford to make any mistakes and if you choose the wrong source for machining, you could be opening the door to a major disaster and potential lawsuits. It’s important to choose a company with many years of experience and they should specialize in the kind of parts you need. Look for companies with ISO Certifications for your materials. For example, if you require medical components, an ISO 13485 certification is absolutely essential. This assures you are choosing a company with very high standards of quality control and has experience with the regulations of the medical industry.

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