The Gratifying State of Asian Food in Los Angeles Shows Another Side of the City

Los Angeles is sometimes thought of as a city where superficiality is the norm. It is understandable that such a celebrity- and image-focused town would develop this kind of reputation, but that take on the city is largely an unfair one. In fact, those who look beyond Hollywood will discover in Los Angeles one of the most vital and versatile bastions of authenticity to be found anywhere in the country.

This can easily be seen in the impressive state of Asian Food in Los Angeles. While San Francisco and New York might be better known for their Chinatown quarters, Los Angeles hosts a much more wide-ranging selection of immigrants from elsewhere. Whether from the far western reaches of China where the cuisine is heavily influenced by that of the Middle East or from Southeast Asian culinary hothouses like Thailand and Vietnam, Asian Food in Los Angeles is some of the best and most varied in the United States.

That is not to say that there are not particular ethnic culinary traditions that are especially well represented, though. As avid television viewers will know, Los Angeles has long been a focal point for immigrants from Korea, something that cannot really be said about any other city in the country. The so-called “Koreatown” section of Los Angeles has been welcoming newcomers from that country for decades now, and it stands as one of the best places of all to experience everything from down-home Korean cooking to the elaborate dishes that are normally enjoyed only by the Korean elite.

Most diners who seek out Korean food, though, will be happy landing somewhere in the middle. For many residents of Los Angeles, that will mean heading out for a fun night filled with Korean barbecue, a delicious way of spending time with friends. Diners who enjoy that style of food entertain themselves by cooking their own carefully cut slices of meat on grills built right into the tables, a way of both adding another dimension to a meal and ensuring that the results are perfect for each person. As those who look at more info will see, this kind of dining is as authentic as it gets and also a big part of the broader culture of Los Angeles.

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