The Immeasurable Value of Purified Water with Water Softening Solutions in Cedar Rapids IA

The quality of public water sources is raising concerns. With it already being reported that concentrated mineral contents and metals are running through the faucets in many homes, families are reluctant to make full use of it. Water Softening Solutions in Cedar Rapids IA rids the water supply of harmful particulates. Water has an ability to dissolve particles very easily. This is why minerals and pulverized metals can exist in water at concentrated levels. The concoction that makes up hard water is created by water percolating through limestone and calcium on its journey from water treatment plants to the end user. Hard water is damaging to appliances, fabrics and hinders the lathering abilities of soaps.

Water Softening Solutions in Cedar Rapids IA are a line of products that remove hard water minerals. Soft water is free from calcium magnesium and iron. The hard minerals are removed by sticking to a material that exchanges ions of opposite charges. Calcium and magnesium have positivelly charged ions. These ions are replaced with negatively charged sodium ions. The process in which this happens depends on the system type and how much needs to be extracted. Some systems recharge on a timed system. Other systems recharge when the adhesive material has reached capacity. Water softening systems can either by installed as point-of-use, or whole house systems. One has a unit for selected water outlets. The other has a centralized system treating all the water.

Customers buying new water treatment products can have a water test with no charge. A water sample is taken to a lab to see what kind of particulates are dissolving and at what magnitude. A water test is strongly advised, for it helps choose the right system. Customers would not have the right water softening unit if it didn’t remove all the minerals efficiently. Systems that are designed to remove the highest concentration of minerals may not do well for water that has a lower content. There are payment plan options for families who can’t pay the full cost up front. Contact Waterhouse Water Systems to schedule a consultation and learn about the complete line of water treatment options.

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