Tips for Cleaning Windows

Experts recommend cleaning your windows from the outside every six months. It’s a task that many of us fail to complete regularly because it can seem like such a chore. There are ways, however, to ensure your windows are really clean without backbreaking work. Here are some tips to help make window cleaning a little easier.

  1. Pre-clean stubborn stains. Clean the most stubborn areas with a sponge and soapy water to remove excess stains. Just a drop of dish soap in warm water will do.
  2. Use streak free glass cleaner. Once you’ve removed the worst of the stains, use streak free glass cleaner to clean the windows inside and out. Using a streak free product helps to ensure you don’t have to go back and re-clean to remove streaks. Not all glass cleaners are created equal, so be sure to specifically choose streak free glass cleaner.
  3. Use a squeegee to clean the windows, rather than paper. Many people use paper towels or newspaper to clean windows, but a squeegee removes the dirt rather than simply moving it around. It’s a good idea to buy a large squeegee for big windows and a smaller one for paned windows. To reach high windows, place the squeegee on a broom handle or other long pole. Use plenty of glass cleaner on each window. Pull the squeegee down the pane from top to bottom, and wipe it off with a rag after each stroke. This prevents you from putting the dirt right back on the window.

These three tips can help make the chore of window cleaning a bit more palatable. Once you’re cleaned your windows thoroughly inside and out, you’ll be amazed at how great your house looks. Window cleaning may be a chore, but the results are definitely worth it.

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