The Impact a Dirty AC Unit Can Have for Your Family

by | Jan 24, 2018 | Air Conditioning

The AC unit is one of the many systems in the home that helps keep you and your family safe and comfortable. With an air conditioner in the home, you can stay cool and comfortable in the heat of summer and it also helps keep everyone safe and healthy as well. It is important to make sure you keep your unit in good working order which is why AC repairs in Midlothian TX is such a big deal. If you do not keep your system clean it can stop running efficiently and this can have a huge impact on you and your family in three key ways:

Comfort- when your AC system gets dirty due to lack of care and maintenance it will not run as effectively. This can result in a loss of cooling power and higher temperatures in the home during the hot summer months. You will run your unit harder and longer without achieving the level of comfort you want and need- and it will end up costing you a great deal too in wasted energy!

Health- a dirty AC unit can push dust, pollen, dirt, mold, and even bacteria throughout your entire home! This can make you and your family sick, especially if anyone in the home has underlying health issues or severe medical conditions such as cancer treatments, asthma, allergies, COPD, heart failure, or a weakened immune system.

Safety- when you ignore the care and upkeep of your AC system, it can even compromise the safety of your entire family. Dirty units cause dust and debris to build up in the unit’s coils where they can cause overheating. The same can happen when dirt accumulates in the ductwork throughout the house. This can lead to extreme fire risks!

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