The Importance of Seasonal Lawn Fertilizing in Kansas City MO

When spring arrives and the grass grows, property owners may want to have Lawn Fertilizing in Kansas City MO completed so they can count on the lush greenness around their homes. However, they may worry about whether this project is harmful to birds and other wildlife. They might avoid having pesticide applied to the lawn for that reason, but they’re not sure about fertilizer.

No Harm Done

The good news is that proper Lawn Fertilizing in Kansas City MO is not harmful to wildlife, or to pets either, as long as it’s applied as directed. That’s one reason so many property owners prefer to have professional landscaping workers spread the fertilizer so that there are no clumps of it left sitting in any spot. A small pile of granular fertilizer can be left on the ground when filling the spreader, for example.

Effects on Waterways

The main problem to watch for is to avoid having fertilizer getting into waterways, including ponds on residential properties. It can cause excessive algae growth since the fertilizer is providing so much extra nutrition for the plants. Professional technicians from a company such as Gunter Pest & Lawn know how to distribute fertilizer so only minimal amounts reach the water, even during heavy rainfall. If the property has any sort of erosion problem, the landscapers can resolve that as well.

Seasonal Fertilization

The lawn may benefit from having fertilizer applied several times during the year. Fertilizing at least once in spring, summer and fall is recommended. Ideally, the grass would be fertilized early in spring and then again before summer arrives. Mid-summer, late summer and mid-autumn applications also are important.

Each of these applications has its own specific benefits in addition to providing general nutrition. A properly fertilized lawn is better at preventing weeds from taking hold, which helps homeowners avoid the use of herbicides. Summer applications encourage root growth and help grass stay strong during many weeks of hot sun.

Autumn is considered the most important time of year for fertilizing the lawn. The grass will appear earlier in spring and have a healthy appearance. Roots will stay strong even in the harshest of winters. Visit to get started.

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