When New Insulation Installation in Ann Arbor, MI is Called for

A city like Ann Arbor, Michigan is no stranger to cold weather, and during the fall and winter months, a great deal of emphasis will be placed on keeping the interior of the home as comfortable as possible. Most people think that the inside temperature of the home is because of the heating system. However, the comfort inside of the home also heavily relies on the insulation that the home is outfitted with.

How Insulation Affects the Temperature Inside of the Home

Insulation is important in not only keeping the air inside of the home from escaping, but it also helps keep the air from the outside from getting in and disrupting the work of the HVAC system. In situations where an HVAC system is working as it should, but the home isn’t comfortable, the main culprit is typically the insulation that the home uses.

Older homes with older insulation may not offer the type of protection that is needed. In addition, insulation can break down as time goes on and this causes the insulation to perform poorly. In these cases, new insulation installation in Ann Arbor, MI may be required.

Spray On Insulation

The question that many homeowners have is what type of insulation will work the best? Perhaps the most effective form of insulation, whether the outside temperatures are cold or hot, is sprayed on foam insulation. This material helps the home to stay extremely airtight, not allowing air to escape or outside air to affect the inside temperature. Unfortunately, this type of insulation is fairly difficult to install in a pre-existing home that isn’t taken down to the studs, and it is also quite expensive.

Fiberglass Material

Another great option is fiberglass insulation that comes in large rolls. This material provides great insulation properties, it is extremely affordable, and it is quite easy to install, even with pre-existing homes.

If your home isn’t as comfortable as it needs to be and there’s nothing wrong with your windows or your HVAC system, then you might want to consider New Insulation Installation in Ann Arbor MI. Not only will it be a way to keep your home comfortable, but it will help reduce energy bills year-round. To learn more about these and other insulation options, you may want to check out New Roof Inc.

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