The Laws Governing Guardianship in Hawaii

by | Jun 18, 2014 | Law

Knowing the rules that govern guardianship is important for anyone that wants to become a legal guardian or in case you have been appointed as legal guardian. This is because issues regarding the welfare of minors are very stiff and protective to the minors. Generally, the laws that govern Guardianship in Hawaii are in many ways similar to the laws of the rest of the country. Here are a few of the most important things to know.

Who is a legal guardian?
A guardian is a person that has been appointed to see to the basic needs of a child. These needs include shelter, education, food, medical care, and at times assets. The particular needs that the guardian will have to tend to depend on whether or not the child’s parents are alive and the amount of involvement they are taking in the child’s life.

The general laws that govern guardianship
There are two types of guardians that are recognized by the court in the state.
1. Guardian ad item:
2. This is a type of guardian that is appointed to a child during a court proceeding. They are supposed to look after the needs of the child. This type of guardian is normally appointed when the parents are absent.
3. Guardian of estate:
4. This type of guardian is appointed to look after the financial assets of the child up to the time when the child will reach adulthood. It is possible for this guardian to be a parent or a non-parent.

The roles of a guardian
There are certain things that the law will allow the guardian to do while there are others that it will prohibit. For instance:
1. The law allows the guardian to make decisions such as changing the school of the child.
2. The law allows the guardian to make medical decisions on behalf of and regarding the child.
3. The law however, does not allow a guardian to severe the relationship between the child and the legal parents.

All these are things that you should know before taking up Guardianship in Hawaii. If you are thinking about becoming a guardian, getting a competent lawyer is a great start. is a place where you can get excellent advice and an appointment with a competent lawyer.


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