The Mobile Vet: Why Some Vets Opt For This Career

When a veterinarian graduates from College, s/he usually enters a practice. The clinic may be small with only one or two vets. It can also be a large vet hospital in Chicago with half-a-dozen or more veterinarians on staff. For many, either is ideal. However, for some, their ideal job does not fall into conventional categories. They want to become a mobile vet.

Why a “Vet On Wheels?”

Mobile vets are becoming more popular. Veterinarians who opt for this form of delivery system do so out of personal choice. Their reasons vary. The most often cited ones consist of the following:

  • Cost: Setting up a mobile vet service is less expensive than starting a practice.
  • Community Service: By offering a mobile veterinarian service in cities such as Chicago, vets are providing people with a choice
  • Client Connection: By being a vet on wheels, it is possible to develop a closer connection with clients and patients
  • Deeper Involvement with Cases: Vets can often delve more deeply into a case by observing the patient and client in their own environment
  • Better for Patients: For some patients, being at home is less stressful than visiting a clinic is. Some pets are anxious in cars or afraid of strange places. Some can catch other health problems from visiting a vet’s with greater ease than others do. Older dogs also may find home service more beneficial
  • Easier for Clients: For some clients, bringing the vet service to their home is always going to be easier
  • Freedom: Mobile services grant a certain degree of freedom

Mobile Vet Services

Of course, running a mobile vet clinic offers challenges. There are also issues such as learning how best to manage time and being financially responsible. Advertising is also an issue. To make it a successful venture, it is essential to make sure potential clients in Chicago know of the clinic and its services.

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