The Real Estate Market In Langley BC

If you are looking to purchase a residential property, it is not a bad idea to consider the real estate market in Langley BC. Purchasing here offers several advantages over buying a home in nearby Vancouver. Not only is the natural setting impressive, but also the ready availability of many desirable amenities makes living here a positive experience. Moreover, current (2018) statistics indicate the increasing affordability of housing in Langley over other nearby options.

The Shape of the Housing Market

While prices continue to skyrocket in Vancouver, they remain less pricey in Langley. Although still expensive in comparison to other communities, Langley BC is a community people select in part because of the lower purchasing costs of different units – specifically condos. This is increasingly decreasing the number of available units, which, in turn, may increase the costs of purchase further down the line.

Nevertheless, the rate of increase for single, detached dwellings continues to rise at a decreased rate than those for either apartments, townhouses or condos. Units in the more affluent neighbourhoods, such as the Uplands and Simonds continue scarce and demand a higher price than residential homes in other neighbourhoods do. It is possible to find someplace downtown in Douglas. However, the local real estate market remains dependent upon such external factors as the availability of housing in Vancouver – a city where the term affordable housing is an anachronism.

Purchasing Real Estate in Langley BC

For those who choose to live there, Langley BC has it all. The current real estate market indicates the increasing affordability of many homes in this family-oriented community. All indicators reveal the potential of this city for future development. Whether you want to work in Langley or prefer to commute to Vancouver, consider the benefits of living in a community, not a city – a community where family matters.

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