The Power of New Media

The power of shareable social media is in and of itself an agent of new media, which–as PCMag defines–is a method of communication that allows groups of people on the Internet to share information with one another. It’s not as simple as that, though; new media has allowed thousands of creative users on the Internet to share their stories, circulate their art, and create new communities.

Shareable Stories
If you’ve ever seen a video or piece of animation that’s gone viral, then you’ve been exposed to a piece of new media. Even memes exist in their own subset of media; many of them emerge out of social commentary, satire, or as reactions to current events. Though the power of viral content can also cause trouble, such as in the case of cyberbullying or the spread of personal information, it can also cause important material to reach a wider audience worldwide.

Webisodes and Webcomics: Tapping Your Creative Side
If you’re an artist looking to tell your story, then the Internet is a great place to make your mark. The use of 2D and 3D animation is one of the most popular–and impressive–ways to get a story across, while also showcasing your unique style. The Internet plays host to a vast selection of wildly popular webcomics and webisodes, drawn and animated by storytellers worldwide. In this way, new media also paves the way for better representation in media, by letting the stories of those who are not often heard reach a truly enormous audience.

No Experience Required
So how do you begin to take your art to the next level with 2D and 3D animation? Institutes like Hi-Tech Film and Broadcast Academy offer a wide range of courses in graphic design and animation, without requiring a prior degree in the arts. You don’t have to be concerned about a lack of formal artistic training when you enroll at an institute like this, and you’ll be able to access all of the courses, tools, and education you need to grow your knowledge of art and animation.

New media could very well be considered the medium of the future, and if you’ve got a story to tell, then there’s no better way to get exposure than by self-publishing on the internet. You’ll be able to network, grow a fanbase, and add your animated accomplishments to your resume. Who knows– your webcomic, short cartoon on YouTube, or animated webisodes might be the next big thing to go viral.

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