The Process of Grave Marker Sand Blasting in CT

The decisions surrounding laying a loved one to rest among the most difficult ones a person will have to make. Choosing the appropriate grave marker material, color, and design is one of these decisions. One option for applying a design to a grave marker is sand blasting. Sand Blasting in CT is a popular choice because it provides a beautiful contrast and depth between polished and unpolished granite. The process of sand blasting includes the creation of the design, the cutting of the stencil, and the application of the stencil to the grave marker.

Creation of the Design

For a grave marker or monument to be sand blasted, a design must first be created. Typically, the design is created by a graphic artist. The graphic artist usually uses specialized computer software for this. The design may include simple lettering, shapes, and artwork. Photos and other detailed artwork cannot be sand blasted and are not part of the design.

Cutting of the Stencil

Following the creation of the design, the stencil must be cut. The files containing the design are fed into a machine which reads the files and cuts the stencil. The stencil is typically made of rubber. Once the stencil is cut, the letters and artwork that are to be sand blasted are carefully peeled away from the stencil. This reveals the area which the sand reaches for cutting during the sand blasting procedure.

Application of the Stencil

After the stencil is cut and prepared, it is loaded onto the grave marker or monument. It is held in place by a filler. The grave marker with the stencil attached is then loaded into an automated sand blasting cabinet, where a mixture of high pressure air and aluminum oxide directs the jet at the stencil. Following the sand blasting, certain areas of the design can be further shaped using abrasive air.

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