The Process of Installing Outdoor Signs in Costa Mesa

Many customers purchase outdoor signs for their homes or businesses and attempt to install them themselves. While this idea is fine, many aspects are often left unconsidered. There is a process involved with sign installation that is often better left to professionals. Outdoor Signs in Costa Mesa require an extensive process that the sign creator can complete for their customers.

City Approval

Signs, especially large ones, often require approval from the city before they can be placed. For businesses especially, this is an important part of the process to complete. The company that created the sign can handle the approval process and make sure the city is on board for the sign to be in place before they put it up.


Oftentimes, special permits are required that say the sign is able to be installed in a certain location. This permit requires paperwork to be submitted. The creator will complete the paperwork for the customer and ensure the permit goes through.

Sign Layout and Elevation

Installers from the sign company will go out to the location to help determine the best sign layout. They will also assess how much elevation is required. Some signs may do well placed lower to the ground, while others will need to be put up higher in order for people driving by to see them well. This will depend on the business, the surrounding area, and whether trees or other obstructions are in the way.


Once the paperwork is completed, permits are acquired, and the layout has been determined, the installers will come out and install the sign properly. They will use the proper equipment and tools to ensure the sign is not only installed but also put in place carefully so it will remain there for as long as needed.

Outdoor Signs in Costa Mesa require careful planning and consideration. This is not only true in the designing process, but also in the installing process as well. Proper permits and city approval are needed before any signs can be placed, and many individuals are unaware of how to go about this on their own. Rather than making the attempt, the sign company will handle all the hard work for them. Contact Sunset Signs & Printing to learn more about the installation process and discuss sign designs.

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