The Right Time to Schedule Routine Maintenance and Lawn Sprinkler System Repairs in Brick NJ

lawn sprinkler system repairs in Brick NJ may not seem necessary during times when rain is plentiful. Maybe the sprinklers turned on, and an abnormally large burst of water came shooting out of one. Maybe one of the devices began sending water in the wrong direction. If summer is almost over, the property owner may consider leaving the repair work until spring. However, it’s usually best to have the system fixed promptly, so it’s ready to use if the weather turns dry.

Residential irrigation systems can be equipped with features that automatically shut the equipment off when it’s raining. The devices also can sense when the soil is still damp and prevent the sprinklers from turning on. Before this technology was prevalent, irrigation technicians used to recommend that homeowners not manually shut off the system because of rain, since the extra water would not be enough to harm the lawn. There’s no point in wasting water, however, so if the season has been wet, saving money on watering the lawn will be welcome.

Nevertheless, scheduling Lawn Sprinkler System Repairs in Brick NJ when the equipment malfunctions are important. Even if it’s late in the year and the property owner won’t run the sprinklers again until the following spring, the technician can still do the winterizing after completing repairs and testing the system. In spring, when a technician returns to get the equipment up and running again, everything will be ready to go, and no further repair work should be necessary. Cleaning the system in spring is advantageous for prolonging its longevity and for improving the watering effectiveness and efficiency.

In spring, the property owner may want to ask about having new, customized features added, such as the rain sensor. This is especially convenient for people who are away from home often and can’t turn the system on and off manually whenever they would like to. It can be frustrating to be out of town and know that the sprinklers are running while it’s raining. Visit Jersey Shore Lawn Sprinkler Inc to get information on various services, such as repair work, winterizing and spring start-up.

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