Travel Trailers in Des Moines Combine the Best of Tent Camping and Hotel Accommodations

by | Feb 18, 2016 | Automotive

Some people love rugged camping in a tent, while others prefer to stay in an upscale hotel. Travel Trailers in Des Moines may be seen as offering the best of both worlds. These RVs allow people to spend weekends or longer time frames out in the great outdoors while still having a very comfy place to sleep. They have a bigger variety of options as to where to stay compared with finding a hotel. Most hotels aren’t situated in a setting that could be construed as the great outdoors. In fact, they increasingly are located near on-ramps of major highways, leaving the guests having to listen to traffic noise during much of their stay.

The travel trailer also provides a spacious place of shelter during uncooperative weather, compared with a tent that can start to feel claustrophobic. Everyone can enjoy preparing a meal and eating together in the kitchen and dining area while watching a show, game or DVD on the flat-screen TV. Kids will probably start feeling ornery no matter what while they are cooped up in the RV, but it’s a lot better than the aggravation they’ll show being stuck in a tent during rainy weather. The family might decide to just pack up and leave under those conditions.

There’s also the convenience factor of having a full bathroom right in the RV. When the accommodations consist of a tent, campers must use a bathroom at the campsite or improvise if there are no amenities. Many individuals aren’t entirely comfortable with showering in a public facility. A small portable toilet can be used for convenience, but that still requires leaving the tent, sometimes in the middle of the night.

Travel Trailers in Des Moines also help people feel safer when they venture into an area where bears sometimes look for food. The protection of a vehicle from a store such as Imperial R-V Center is greatly appreciated by anyone who has ever watched a bear from the interior of a tent. Anyone interested in switching from camping in a tent or staying in hotels may Click Here for details on travel trailer features and pricing.

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