The Role of Preparation in a Winning Program

There is an old saying in professional sales that applies to Sales Coaching: the will to win makes no sense without the willingness to prepare to win. So the key to success is obviously preparing to win. To prepare, one first has to be willing.

Preparing Beforehand

One of the world’s best salesman, Josh Johnson, said: “A winning effort begins with preparation.” The sales can happen on Sunday, but it is prepped in the sales meeting during the week when sales are won or lost. That is where coaches and staff prepare the game plan, and it is in the sales room where the best sellers do some extra practices to get better. sales are won and lost there. This is where energy needs to be focused.

Ask the Right Questions

Sales and marketing training in Chicago, Illinois is no different from the game the Bears play on Sunday. Your selling game is played on a prospecting field whenever a salesperson is in front of a prospect to request an order. How does your sales player arrive on the field of play? Does your salesperson occupy the right position, the right place, the right time, to apply for the order and score the victory? Are there improvements to be made? Are there tweaks that can put a plan over the top? These are the questions that need answering, and those are the answers that need implementing.

Execute the Plan

As the famous sales coach Johnson says, practice, practice, practice. Where do the sales players practice? In the sales practices in your conference room and in your office where you and each sales staffer can prepare and practice each individualized game plan. Where will you find your best selling players? As Josh Johnson said, you will find them in practice. It may not always be in the sales room but they can practice in front of a mirror at home to improve their ability to win by performing some extra pitches while they practice presentations.

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