The Style and Symbolism of the Pinky Ring

The wearing of jewelry on the hands is a tradition that has many meanings, varying by gender, age, culture and other factors worldwide. How you wear a ring may differ greatly from how your spouse, friends, family or others wear the same jewelry, and there are pieces designed to fit every preference and practice.

One type of finger ring with a great deal of symbolism and style is the little finger or “pinky” ring. Worn on the smallest finger of the hand – most commonly by men – pinky rings are a way of making a wordless statement. Selecting one is less about finding the perfect physical fit, and more about finding the ring that tells the story you’re hoping to tell.

The Meaning of the Pinky Finger

The pinky finger is often associated with gods or other figures that represent strong will, a childlike boldness and cleverness. People who favor this finger – or who have pronounced or dominant pinky fingers – are thought by the superstitious to be great communicators, excellent and witty tricksters or comedians, and faithful family men and women. Whether this holds any truth cannot be proven, but American jewelers have long catered to customers who enjoy decorating and displaying this finger.

From the Mob to the Modern Business Man

The pinky ring as a status symbol is one icon that has not fallen by the wayside as times have changed in recent decades. Once used as a way to display dominance and superiority – think of the Hollywood movie-favored tradition of kissing the ring of a mafioso – pinky rings are still used as a way for strong men to show the world just how highly regarded they ought to be. In other words, today’s men still know that if you want to make a big statement, consider wearing a ring on your smallest finger!

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