4 Reasons to Consider Wooden Crates for Your Shipping Needs

Years ago, many businesses used wooden crates for shipping. This was before cardboard, plastics, or other cheap materials were readily available. However, after the industrial revolution and mass-production methods increased in the 20th Century, companies sought cheaper alternatives to wood. Yet, in the 21st Century, a global economy and market are rapidly developing, and the need for stronger and more complex freight containers has caused many companies to take another look at wood. Here are four good reasons to check out wood shipping containers for your business.

1. Long Distance Transport

If you are shipping items overseas, they may have to go through several different sources before they get to their destinations. For example, some products may go by sea, land, and air. The more your goods get handled and the farther they travel, the greater chances they have of getting damaged. Wooden crates offer some of the best freight protection.

2. You Don’t Have to Use Solid Wood

Maybe you want something stronger than cardboard, but you don’t want the cost of solid wood. Some of the best custom crate companies can give you shipping containers made from wood and strong triple layer corrugated materials. The containers are very strong and durable, yet they are lighter than solid wood and can save you on shipping costs.

3. Good for the Environment

When you use wooden crates to move your materials, you are using materials that are easily recycled. In fact, these crates are often used over and over, and when they no longer serve their purpose, the wood is easily used for many other things.

4. Custom Design

Wood shipping crates are manufactured in many shapes and sizes. They can have any feature you want or need. A custom crate company works with you, to give you the most efficient and economical shipping containers.

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