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Corporate storytelling is an art, whether it is done digitally, in brochures or as a full color book. The story is the backbone of any corporate culture, it answers those important questions about your entity that makes it more personal for consumers and other bausinesses.

The Information

Corporate storytelling, done right, takes a sharp eye and someone with experience to chisel out the important parts and highlight those events while seamlessly incorporating the parts of the story that may not be as interesting to the audience. The longer the history of the company the more information has to be filtered through to highlight the history that will interest the audience.

Starting the Story

There are typically hundreds of documents that have to be filtered through to put together a corporate story. Oral histories also become an important part of the record. Someone with expertise in presenting a corporate history through storytelling can easily collect, document, review and put together the story. The first step is hiring a firm that specializes in producing engaging stories. It is a craft that requires a great deal of meticulous attention.

The Answers

If a story is done right it will present:

  *  The beginning of the business, who started it, why it was started, what was the original products
*  Expansions, mergers, name changes
*  Current products
*  Interesting facts
*  Where the company is headed

Each area will get the attention to details that it deserves. All the details will be presented in an easy to read format that includes graphics making it a visually stunning piece.

Polished and Professional

Your corporate story will come across as polished and professional and as something that people should take notice of. The History Factory is the firm that specializes in creating storylines that get attention.

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