The Winter Season is Here. The Biggest Infestation? Ladybugs

One of the most common infestations in the United States during the winter season is not mosquitoes. It is not the infamous spiders or even the mice, unless a home is in an especially damp urban region. No, one of the most common and universal infestations is the deadly ladybug.

Ok, so the ladybug is not particularly deadly, but in large numbers they can certainly be a pest. So how can a homeowner minimize their chances of a ladybug infestation? Also, why are ladybugs especially prevalent in the winter?

Hibernation Like a Bear

Ladybugs tend to shut down or at least congregate in warm climates during the winter. This is not particularly unique to a ladybug, for many bug species do exactly this during the winter. The difference is that ladybugs lie especially dormant during this period. So in actuality, an individual is not particularly adverse to an infestation of ladybugs at all until the very late weeks of winter when they all begin awakening. Ladybugs also have a tendency to go deep within the home, as opposed to finding rafters or other more external areas. So they bore into the drywall space or the attic and awaken entirely lost.

How to Prevent

A professional Bug Exterminator in Tulsa OK will actually spray the surrounding alcoves of the home in an effort to dissuade them from finding hibernation in these areas. There is a special aerosol known as CB 80 that is one of the leading tools to preventing ladybug infestation. Fortunately, these sprays will help prevent other bug species from entering the home, making a Bug Exterminator in Tulsa OK a very necessary individual in the late fall. Contact Them for a cost estimate and suggestions on what to prevent.

These little critters are common in light-colored buildings because of the subtle warmth they provide. This is somewhat of an illusion, for the bugs mistake this as light. Now they will congregate to crevasses exposed to sunlight. To enhance prevention, secure all window panes and any cracks that could exist from the outside to the inside. Fortunately for everyone, ladybugs are pretty and harmless, and probably the most welcomed infestation if there had to be one at all. They do not chew and destroy things, at least. For more information you can check BBB ratings or watch Youtube videos.

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