They Wrote the Book On It” – Using the Printed Word for Promotion

If you’ve ever heard someone use the phrase, “They wrote the book on it”, they’re probably referring to someone’s expertise. While this phrase is often said in jest or exaggeration, there is a certain air of authority that comes from having published a book about your field of expertise. Some of the world’s top businessmen are where they are because of books they’ve written sharing their experience and guidance with the world. The same is true in most any field; if you want to sit at the top of your industry’s ladder, write the book on it!

Why You Should Publish Your Expertise

The reasons to consider publishing an authoritative book are many. Some of these include:

• Great a resource for others that will double as a way for you to gain renown.
• Build your own clientele. Everyone wants to work with a published authority!
• Add something remarkable to your resume. Not many people can say they published an authoritative book as part of their career.
• Help build others up. Giving newcomers to the business a hand up is the best way to foster community and make connections. After all, a rising tide lifts all ships.
• Leave a legacy. Want your estate to continue building value after you’re gone? Want your name to become synonymous with the field you’re working in? Write a book on the subject, and leave behind a legacy of knowledge.

Getting the Publishing Help You Need

Self-publishing is a possibility for nearly any aspiring author in the modern day, but there remains a level of respect to be garnered in having your book professionally printed, bound and distributed. If you have expertise you’d like to share with the world but would rather it be passed around in the form of a tangible book, consider a publishing company with branding experience. The industry experts at CelebrityPress – world-renowned celebrity branding agency team J.W. Dick and Nick Nanton – are helping aspiring authors in the field of entertainment, business and many more make their dreams of passing on their experience come true. Ready to share your knowledge with the world? Create your own celebrity by passing it on and reap the rewards of the published word.

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