The Brabazon Law Office LLC in De Pere, WI Helps Divorcing Parents Craft Parenting Agreements

An organization such as Brabazon Law Office LLC in De Pere WI can help divorcing parents set up a shared custody or a visitation arrangement if the two individuals cannot seem to communicate without fighting. In the view of family courts, a child custody and visitation agreement may be the most important document in a divorce filing.

Parallel Parenting

Adults normally should be able to come to agreements on division of assets and other monetary considerations without intervention by a judge. Children, however, usually have no official say in what happens regarding where they will live and how often they will spend time with each parent. They have to rely on their parents or the court to create a suitable arrangement. Ex-spouses who are constantly battling each other can find it difficult to be co-parents.

Nevertheless, with the assistance of an organization like Brabazon Law Office LLC in De Pere WI, shared physical custody can be set up in a way that allows the ex-spouses to almost never have to communicate with each other directly. A legal arrangement known as parallel parenting is crafted by the two individuals, each represented by their own attorneys. These agreements typically are reviewed annually for modification requests. Click Here for information about this particular law office.


The legal documentation could include a stipulation that all communication between the parents is done through email or a private, electronic scheduling system. These password-protected schedules let each parent view the shared custody schedule and request occasional one-time changes as needed. Documentation could even include an agreement to accept reasonable change requests if the changes do not create a significant difficulty for the other parent.

Other Factors

Other factors that may be included in the parallel parenting agreement list which adult is responsible for making various purchases, such as clothes and school supplies. They might pool money in a fund for these necessities. They may list occasions when both parents should be present, such as band concerts and awards ceremonies. If parents cannot seem to agree on certain aspects, such as whether the kids will attend a parochial or public school, these issues are negotiated on in mediation sessions.

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