Things You Can Make With Tslot Structural Extrusions

If you run a business you might have several specific needs for furnishings, tools and equipment. In fact, when you need to buy stands, enclosures and other important things for your business, you may have to go with precut and pre-designed items. However, thanks to Tslot structural extrusions you will make custom made furnishings for a wide range of applications. Here are some of the many good things you can create today.

Tee Slot or Channel

Suppose you wish to create a structure with one inch by one-inch lumber. You could make a lot of things but you would have to use screws or nails and this can limit some of the things you might want to create. Now, imagine the same pieces of wood made from corrosion resistant and strong aluminum.
Your new aluminum sections are not solid like wood. Instead, they have been specially created with a Tslot design. What is a tee slot? It is a slot cut into each side but the inside of each slot is bigger than the outside. This “tee” shape allows for something to be placed into the slot from the edge and it will not come out of the slot. This is the basic principle behind the design.

Set Your Imagination Free

What would you like to make? How about the perfect work cart? Create a cart which is just the right size for your needs. You can choose top and bottom panels which fit right into the slots on the frame. Make the top frame a little longer on one side and you have handles for your cart. Installing wheels is not a problem either and you can choose casters designed for your Tslot frame. However, work carts are just the tip of the iceberg of things you can create.

Do you have equipment at work which needs to be protected and isolated, yet at the same time it requires adequate ventilation? With tee channel construction material, you can make a custom enclosure and you have a wide range of choices for your enclosures. You can use screen, glass, safety glass or many other materials. Your enclosure can be permanently installed and when you add wheels, it is portable.

Do you sometimes have the need for temporary or overflow inventory? With Tslot materials, you can create easy to use shelving fixtures for your special inventory needs. There is no need to expand your current system. Simply add on as many units as you require and you can take them down and place them into storage when they are not necessary. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

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    Author: Timothy Harvard

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