Things You Need to Know About Trenchless Pipe Repair

In the days before the invention of trenchless pipe repair, pipe repair used to be done in a more traditional manner. This type of sewer pipe repair was time-consuming, expensive, and it created a huge mess. Repairing might require days of excavation and digging, which trenchless pipe repair in Griffin has largely eliminated. No longer are the days where the ground and landscape would be decimated while removing old pipes for replacement.

What Is Trenchless Sewer Repair

With this type of repair, the first step is to identify access points such as vent stacks or toilet openings. From there, high-tech video equipment is used to get into the access points to inspect the pipes and determine the issues. After that, a sleeve is inserted into the entry points and down into the pipes. The sleeve can be inflated to create a new pipe where there is damage.

Next, let’s look at the advantages to trenchless pipe repair in Griffin, as opposed to traditional repair.

Lack of Digging and Excavation

There’s no guarantee that trenchless repair will require no digging, but what is certain is that there will be far less of it. That means you don’t have to stress about having your yard or garden dug up. Instead, technicians will only need one to two access points for the repair. The inflatable pipe is installed and sealed, and the entire job is done. It’s simple, easy, and won’t leave your yard in shambles.

Durable Pipe Lining

It might seem a little concerning when you hear the process involves installing a flexible pipe into the older pipe, but this works better than you can imagine. The pipe lining used is built of an epoxy resin that is sealed in the older pipes. The piping is durable and resistant to corrosion. It can stand up to nearly anything, just like a traditional pipe is expected to.

Save Some Money

When you first look at the cost of trenchless repair, it may seem more expensive than the traditional method. However, you will save money when it comes to equipment and labor costs. Plus, there’s no need to fix your yard after it’s been dug up and torn apart.

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