Three Common Problems With Water Heaters In Fort Wayne IN

When individuals begin having problems with their water heater, they’ll need to call a professional for repairs. While some repairs can be performed in less than one hour, it might also be necessary to install a new water heater. Read the information below to learn three water heater problems that require the services of a Water Heaters Fort Wayne IN area professional.

Unusual Noises

Water contains a certain amount of minerals and when water enters the water heater, so does the mineral sediment. After awhile, this sediment can build up in the bottom of the water heater tank. When air bubbles get trapped below the sediment, it causes these unusual noises.

A water heater technician can drain the water from water heater and remove the sediment that’s at the bottom of tank. The technician will also clean the tank to make sure that all the sediment is removed from the sides and bottom of the tank.

Water Leakage

There are several reasons why a water heater may begin leaking and a professional can diagnose the problem and then provide a solution. If a gasket is worn out or the pressure relief valve is malfunctioning, a technician can replace the faulty part to stop the leak. Sometimes, the plumbing pipes that connect to the water heater begin leaking and this problem can be easily fixed by replacing the broken pipe.

If the tank itself is leaking, then individuals will have to purchase a new water heater. Once a hole forms in the tank, it can’t be repaired and replacement is the only option.

No Hot Water

When a water heater fails to heat the water that’s in the tank, this is usually a sign that the heating element is bad. Heating elements normally last for several years before they wear out, but an excessive amount of sediment in the tank can also cause the element to wear out faster.

When sediment adheres to the surface of the heating element, it causes this component to work harder and wear out quicker. A certified Water Heaters Fort Wayne IN professional can remove the old element and replace it with a new one.

Individuals in Fort Wayne who need water heater repair should contact Brockman Heating & Air Conditioning. This experienced company provides various water heater services including repair, thermostat testing, sediment removal and vent system inspection.

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