Three Signs That may Indicate it is Time to Replace the System for Air Conditioning in Phoenix AZ

An AC unit is a necessity during the hot summer months. It provides cool, fresh, filtered air to keep indoor environments at a comfortable level. Like any other mechanical device, an air conditioning system does not last forever. Typically, well-maintained AC units can only last for about 15 years. However, research shows that an air conditioner with more than ten years old may be inefficient and is more likely to break down unexpectedly. To avoid the inconvenience and losses associated with an old defective AC unit, it is imperative to consider replacing it early. Here are the top three signs that may show it is time to replace the system for Air Conditioning In Phoenix AZ.

Uncomfortable Indoor Environments

It is important to replace air conditioning units that are noisy or no longer cooling rooms evenly. If the indoor humidity levels are high, the unit may be inefficiently oversized or no longer operating at its optimal levels. These AC Problems may require major repairs, whose costs may approach that of installing a new system for Air Conditioning in Phoenix AZ.

Low SEER Ratings

Air conditioning systems are rated for efficiency using a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER ratings. SEER ratings indicate the amount of electricity consumed by an air conditioner to provide a given cooling output. Air conditioners with low SEER ratings are inefficient and costly to operate. Currently, the Federal Department of Energy requires that all AC units should have a SEER rating of at least 13. If an air conditioner has a SEER, rating below 13, it should be replaced to reduce emission of greenhouse gases and money spent of home cooling.

The AC Unit Uses Fossil Fuels

Air conditioning manufacturers are now phasing out the use of fossil fuels, such as hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC), also known as R-22 in AC units. They are now using the new refrigerant R410A that is more eco-friendly and energy efficient.

These are just some key signs that may indicate it is time to hire professionals to replace the device for Air Conditioning in Phoenix AZ. Remember to hire the right air conditioning contractors to get quality AC replacement services at a reasonable price. Please click here for additional details about AC replacement, and how to contact a reputable air conditioning contractor.

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