Three Tips to Maintain Fire Alarms in Jersey City

Fire alarms are meant to keep families and workers safe inside their homes and places of work. People often take fire alarms for granted, assuming they will work effectively at any given point in time. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Much like other home and office appliances, Fire Alarms in Jersey City need to be maintained and cared for in order to promise proper functioning.

Dust and Dirt

If a fire alarm is placed in an area that is dusty and dirty, it may not work properly. Dust and dirt tend to interfere with the ability of the alarm. In turn, the alarm may not even recognize the dangers of a fire. Detectors and alarms need to be cleaned at least twice annually. To do this, simply take a vacuum cleaners long stair attachment and suck up any dust and dirt that may be around the alarm itself. For even better results, take that same vacuum attachment, take apart the alarm, and clean the inside of the alarm with the attachment. This will remove any contaminants around the alarm and inside the alarm.

Replace Batteries

Fire Alarms in Jersey City will usually send out a beeping notification if the battery inside the alarm is low. Instead of waiting for that irritating beeping sound, make sure to change the batteries of a fire alarm at least twice annually. Set two dates every single year where the old batteries will be replaced with brand new batteries. If keeping dates are not your thing, make it easy and simply change the batteries once when the clocks are turned back and once when they’re set forward.

Replace The Unit When Needed

Most quality fire alarms will last a good ten years or so. After ten years have passed, it is then time to replace the entire unit with a brand new one. If moving into a new home, apartment, or office building, do not take any chances and just assume the fire alarms are new and in working order. Keep safety as a number one priority and simply replace the alarms with brand new ones immediately.

Follow these three tips to keep Fire Alarms in Jersey City in the best working order. For more information visit, or contact Effective Alarm Systems.

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