Three Valuable Tips on How to Choose the Right Trailer Jacks in Minnesota

by | Nov 18, 2015 | Antiques and Collectibles

Trailer jacks are an integral part of safe towing. A sturdy jack raises and lowers the trailer to allow for easy connecting of the coupler to and disconnecting it from the ball on the hitch. For those who have a travel trailer that is a mobile home on wheels, trailer jacks help to keep the trailer level when weight shifts inside. Good jacks also stabilize the trailer to allow for easy loading and unloading when the trailer is parked. Trailer jacks are available in a large variety of lengths and weight capacities. When choosing a trailer jack, it is essential to consider both the length of the jack in both the extended and retracted positions. When extended, the jack should lift the coupler high enough for it to clear the hitch ball on the trailer. Similarly, it should retract far enough to clear the ground while traveling. Here are three valuable tips on how to choose the right Trailer Jacks in Minnesota.

Tip 1: Choose the right height of a jack

To choose the right trailer jack, it is important to know its retracted and extended heights. These dimensions are taken from the bottom of the jack to the mounting point. The mounting points differ depending on the type of jack. For instance, pipe mounting jacks are measured from the center of the mounting pipe, while standard A-frame jacks are measured to the bottom of the mounting flange.

Tip 2: Know the trailer tongue height

Trailer tongue height refers to the measurement between ground and the bottom of the trailer coupler. Choose a trailer jack that extends about 4″ higher than the level height of the coupler. Additionally, the jack should retract enough to be shorter than coupler height of the level trailer.

Tip 3: Determine the trailer tongue weight

Tongue weight refers to the downward pressure exerted by the coupler on the hitch ball. It is recommendable to choose a jack that surpasses or matches the trailer tongue weight.

With these tips in mind, it is certainly easy to choose the right Trailer Jacks in Minnesota. To get quality trailer jacks at an affordable price, only choose a reputable trailer parts and accessories supplier, such as Pioneer Rim & Wheel. Please visit for more information about quality trailer jacks.

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