What Can a Personal Injury Lawyer in Terre Haute, IN Do for a Client?

Being injured due to the negligence of another person is not something anyone looks forward to experiencing. Dealing with the aftermath, including medical expenses or wages lost due to missing work days does not make the situation any easier. When events of this type take place, it pays to seek assistance from a personal injury lawyer in Terre Haute, IN. Here is what the lawyer can do to protect the interests of a client.

Evaluating the Injury and its Consequences

Before providing any type of counsel, a personal injury lawyer in Terre Haute, IN, will want to know all there is to know about the injury and the events that led to it. That includes talking with the client, reviewing any police reports or other documents related to the injury, and even interviewing others who saw what happened. The goal is to determine if the circumstances meet the legal definition of a personal injury. If so, then the attorney can begin discussing possible courses of action with the client.

Speaking for the Client

Once the lawyer takes on the case, any inquiries about the incident will be directed to the attorney. That includes any attempts by insurance company representatives or other lawyers to directly communicate with the injured party. The reason for this approach is to prevent the client from saying anything that could be taken out of context and used to partially place blame for the event on the injured party. Typically, the lawyer will counsel the client to respond to any query by simply providing the name and contact information of the legal counsel.

Seeking to Reach a Settlement

In some instances, the first thing the lawyer will attempt to do is negotiate a reasonable settlement. This will often involve contacting the insurance company or the legal counsel of the person responsible for the injury. In the best case scenario, it will be possible to reach an agreement about a settlement amount and how it will be paid to the injured party. This would make it possible to avoid the expense of taking the matter to court.

Anyone who has sustained a personal injury and needed help can visit the website and arrange a consultation with a lawyer today. Doing so will be the first step in securing the funds needed to cover medical and other expenses, as well as getting life back on track.

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