Tips for Choosing the Right Dog Collars in Albany OR

Just as all dogs are not alike, there is no one collar that is perfect for every canine. The owner will want to find a collar that has the features and qualities that make it just right for the pet. Here are some tips that will make it easier to evaluate different types of dog collars in Albany OR and settle on the best choice.

Finding the Right Fit

One of the more important aspects of choosing the right collar has to do with the fit. The owner would do well to take cues based on the size of the dog. Measure around the neck and then add a couple of inches to the total. For smaller dogs, a thinner collar is a good idea. Larger dogs will benefit from having a thicker one.

In terms of how tight the collar must be, it should fit snugly on the neck without slipping but not be so tight as to constrict the pet’s breathing. If the owner can fit a couple of fingers in between the neck and the collar, it should be about right.

Choosing the Best Material

There was a time when most Dog Collars in Albany OR were made with leather. While still a popular option, the plastic models on the market today are also durable. While there are more color choices with the plastic collars, it is possible to find leather ones that are coated or dyed.

Plain or Simple Design?

Some owners like to purchase ornate collars for their pets. Others prefer something that is practical and somewhat simple. Again, take cues from the breed and size of the dog. Larger animals who tend to spend more time outdoor are better served with collars that are durable and free of any excess ornamentation. Smaller breeds that spend most of the time in the house would be a better bet for the ornate collars.

For more tips on choosing dog collars, visit and take a look at some of the selections offered. It will only take a little while to identify a couple that would look nice on the pet and provide the practical benefits desired.

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