Tips For Etiquette At The Shooting Range in Shepherdsville KY

Firing off a few rounds at the local range is something that is undoubtedly fun for many people to do. However, even though there are guns firing all around does not mean it is the Wild West. Here are some basic tips on etiquette that should be observed at the Shooting Range in Shepherdsville KY.

     *     When the gun is in hand, always face forward. Nothing will make the crowd go spastic quicker than turning away from downrange with a loaded gun in hand. If talking to friends, remember, they can still hear the conversation if the shooter is facing forward. If there is an absolute need to turn around, put the gun down, always facing downrange, and preferably unloaded with an open action. This will make everybody comfortable and happy.

     *     Get as close to the shooting line as possible. Many newbies to the Shooting Range in Shepherdsville KY have a bad habit of standing far away from the shooting line. This actually places them behind most of the other shooters on the range and is a recipe for stress and potential disaster.

     *     If the call of “Range Cold!” is heard, this means that it is time to check targets and perform maintenance in the field where the bullets are usually flying. If the shooter has no desire or need to perform these activities, the best thing to do is to put the gun down in the aforementioned manner and step away from the table. It is certainly no time to start tinkering around with the gun as this makes those who are currently in the range very nervous indeed.

     *     Bring the gun to the range in its own shooting bag. This is not only a matter of convenience, but it is also a matter of safety. By hauling the bag in a case or bag, there are never any misunderstood intentions about the shooter has in mind.

For the ultimate in shooting thrills, try visiting a well-established range such as Knob Creek Gun Range. They follow well-established rules and strive to make every visitor feel welcome no matter what the experience level.

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