Tips for Finding the Right Size Fire Equipment in Mason City IA

When a business owner finds it is time to purchase Fire Equipment in Mason City IA for protection purposes, there are a number of things to consider. This is especially true if it is time to purchase a fire extinguisher. Not only is the size a factor that must be considered but the type of extinguisher is also an important consideration.

The ABC fire extinguisher is the most common used and effective against ordinary Class A fires, flammable Class B fuel fires, and electrical Class C fires. A Class D fire extinguisher has to be installed in industrial buildings where ignitable metals are stored. A Class K fire extinguisher is necessary for fighting grease fires and is most commonly seen in commercial kitchens.

While the type of fire extinguisher is important, just as important is the size. The capacity of the extinguisher impacts the size of the fire that can be controlled. The first step in figuring what size extinguisher is needed is to learn to read the label. Class A extinguishers are numbered from one to 40 and Class B extinguishers are rated from one to 640. This rating is printed on the label.

For a room that is an average size, a five-pound fire extinguisher is typically sufficient. If it is a smaller commercial space or warehouse, where fires have more space to spread, then a 10-pound model may be the best option. When choosing a size, keep in mind a higher weight may make it difficult for some people to move and use it. As a result, it may be wise to install two smaller, five-pound extinguishers instead of a single 10 pound one. This will ensure that the blaze can be put out regardless of the size chosen.

When it comes to choosing Fire Equipment in Mason City IA, being informed and knowing the type and size of equipment is a must. More information about this can be found by taking some time to Visit the Website. As a business owner, it is important to protect the investment that has been made, as well as the employees and staff who may be inside the building.

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