Tips For Making The Most Out Of Your Next Business Networking Event

Business owners, including those operating startups as entrepreneurs or as small business professionals, tend to fall into two categories when it comes to business networking. The first category contains those looking forward to their next business networking event and the second contains those dreading the idea.

If you find you fall into the second group more often than the first, it may simply be you haven’t found the right type of business networking event. Meetings and lecture style events can be boring and limit your opportunities to network and talk. On the other hand a B2B trade show allows you to interact, discuss and network in a very open, friendly and fun environment.

Try attending a B2B trade show as your next big business networking event. By choosing a trade show catering specifically to small business owners you will find others with similar areas of interest, questions and even have the opportunity to learn more about how to get business done in your location.

Bring your Cards

Business cards are still an important tool at any business networking event. Bring enough to ensure you can provide business contact information with others. It is also a great way to highlight the products and services you provide for prospective customers.
Remember to ask for business cards as well. Often as small business owners working together on larger projects or mutually beneficial marketing opportunities is an ideal way to grow.

Use Social Media

Connect with others both at the event and afterwards through social media sites. This is similar to having business cards but it provides you with an ongoing, interactive way to not just talk to other businesses but to get your name out there with potential customers.
A top business networking event will typically provide opportunities to advertise and market on social media before, during, and after the event which is also a great marketing opportunity.

Take in Seminars and Social Events

The exhibitor space at a business networking event is a great place to start conversations and meet people. By attending the free seminars, workshops and social events at a top small business trade show you can further extend your network of experts in areas of business right in your geographic location.

Tapping into the expertise and knowledge of local businessmen and women at a business networking event is a simple way to expand your business base. By building your network of potential and new customers as well as business resources you will find new opportunities for growth and expansion.

Attending a B2B trade Show hosted by Small Business Expo is an ideal opportunity and business networking event. To learn more about the next trade fair in your area see us at

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