Tips For Opossum Removal In Columbus, OH

Opossums, also known as simply possums have been a problem in people’s yards for many centuries. While you may think that there is nothing wrong with having the occasional opossum in your yard, any Wildlife control Company can tell you different. Opossums carry diseases that can easily be transmitted to you, your family, and your household pets and much like raccoons and squirrels, one getting into your houses wiring can easily lead to chewed up wires and household fires. Many people aren’t quite sure how to go about Opossum Removal in Columbus OH, so read on below for a couple of hints to get you started.

Don’t Corner The Opossum

Any rodent will attack if they feel threatened, so trying to corner the animal to remove it from your property can easily end up with you getting hurt. Remember, these animals have not only razor sharp teeth but razor sharp claws as well. They will not hesitate to use them on you during any type of Opossum Removal in Columbus OH if they feel threatened.

Use Gloves

Make sure that if you are going to try to Perform Opossum Removal yourself, instead of calling in the professionals, that you wear gloves, long sleeves, and long pants. This way if the opossum attacks you, you have less of a chance of getting clawed or bitten. It is honestly best to call in the animal control professionals in these situations; they are trained and can remove the animal without hurting it or you getting hurt.

If you are bitten or clawed by an opossum, you need to make sure and seek a doctor’s help right away. Opossum’s carry diseases and you want to be attended and have the bite cleaned as soon as possible.


Once you have gotten rid of the opossum, you need to make sure that it doesn’t come back. This involves keeping tight lids on trashcans and not leaving pets food and water bowls out at night.

Opossums may look harmless, but they aren’t. If you suspect that you have an opossum, the best thing to do is call someone to come extract it from your property for you. Click here


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