Tips For Poster Printing And Design In Chicago

For any type of poster printing for a business in Chicago, having the poster not only printed professionals but designed to capture attention is a must. Working with a printing services with designers on hand to provide tips and guidance, or to even completely design the poster based on your ideas and suggestions, is often the best way to get a professional looking final product.

If you want to develop a mock or a prototype on your own and then submit it to a professional service for poster printing, here are a few tips and strategies to consider when creating your design.

Choose Your Size

There are many different sizes of posters, and it is most effective to design based on the specific size of poster you are going to use. Most posters will be 22 by 34 inches or up to 24 by 36 inches with either printing designed for a vertical or horizontal placement.

You can also create posters on smaller standard paper sizes including letter size and legal size. Just keep in mind that scaling up or down will need to be taken into considering if you are completing multiple sizes in your poster printing order.

Professional printers can work through the challenges of scaling up or down the original image. This can be complicated, and it may require some graphic design changes to maintain the look and impact of the poster when sizes are changed.


Any professional poster printing company can help you to create a more readable poster. Common mistakes that can make a poster difficult to read from a distance, or even up close, include issues such as:

  • Ornate or unusual font
  • Font that is too small or too crowded on the poster
  • No central message or image that grabs attention
  • No clear structure to the format of the text that allows people to quickly see necessary information (the who, what, where, when and how of the poster).
  • Not enough contrast between the text, the background and the image will cause everything to blur together band become illegible.
  • Too many visuals. One central image and one headline are usually all that is require to get the viewer’s attention. Then, additional information can be provided in lower levels of the type to provide the information.

There is a structure to design and poster printing that really works. Professional printers in Chicago can assist you in making the changes to your design to make your posters really stand out and get the attention you want.

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