Top Search Engine Marketing Tools That You Should Know About

There are a number of marketing tools on the market for your small business that will promote your website on the various search engines. If you are looking for more information on tools for search engine marketing in Salisbury, NC, read on:

Keyword Research Tools

The center of any written marketing campaign is the keyword. To get the most out of your advertisement on a search page, you must have the right keyword. Fortunately, there are tools out there that will help you find the right keywords for your written marketing content such as Google AdWords, SEO Book, Google Traffic Estimator and Microsoft Ad Intelligence.

Search Analytics Tool

Another crucial tool that you will keep for marketing is a search analytics tool. These show how much your blog or website is trending among a user. When used correctly, it can show you how successful your marketing campaign is and where you can see where improvements may be necessary. Some of the tools that fall into this category are Google Analytics and Clicky.

Search Engine Rank Checking Tool

SEO companies keep track of profit, conversions and traffic trends when working on a website, and also check on how well a website is ranking on a search engine. Tools are available to do this, and they will show you what parts are helping your website rank, and which are holding it back. You can use tools such as Advanced WebRanking to do this or SEO Book Rank Checker.

Competitive Research Tool

You will also find that you should use a competitive research tool. These tools will give information about the top keywords and the categories of data that get the most traffic. These tools can also differentiate the traffic that is generated by a paid ad or from an organic search. Some of the tools that do this include KeyCompete, SEO Digger and Microsoft Ad Intelligence.

Link Analysis Tool

A link analysis tool is also an important marketing tool to use. This tool offers a very in depth sample of inbound link data, and it will also detect any fresh links on a blog. You can also use this tool to download any link that forwards a user to another blog or website. Some of these tools include SEO Link Analysis, Google Webmaster Central, Advanced Link Manager and Xenu Link Sleuth.

These are just a few of the tools you can use for website marketing for your business.

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